Let us make renting out your mooring easy

The hassle-free way to rent out your mooring. With 1500+ nights booked so far, it's clear boaties love the convenience Mooringbnb offers. Simply sign up for free and list your availability. We add our service fee to the owner's rate, so there's no cost to you upfront. Let Mooringbnb take care of the rest—making it effortless for boaties to discover your spot and handling every aspect of the process from seamless booking to secure payments and compliance.

Calendar Management

Utilise the calendar to clearly display your mooring's availability, simplifying the booking process for renters and ensuring efficient management of your space.

Payments Integration

Payments are captured at the time of booking and are paid out the following monthly.


Depending on the location, the harbourmaster is provided with the booking information, including vessel and contact details.


Listing your mooring is free, no sign up fees. As an owner, you can set your own daily, monthly, or peak seasonal rates. Service and payment processing fees are added to your listed rate, ensuring you receive the full amount you set for your mooring or berth.

Service Fee


per transaction

Covers operational costs.

Payment Processing


per transaction

For secure online payment transactions.

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