Rent a Mooring or Berth - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have boat insurance?

Yes. Insurance helps to protect you in case of any unforeseen incidents or damages that may occur while using a mooring or berth.

How do I Find the Mooring once I book it?

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive detailed instructions and information about the location of the mooring. This will include navigational coordinates, landmarks, and any other relevant information to help you locate the mooring quickly and easily.

What additional info do I need to book a berth instead of a mooring?

When booking a berth instead of a mooring, you may need to provide details about your boat, such as its size, draft, when the hull was last cleaned and any special requirements. This information ensures that the berth can accommodate your vessel properly.

When do mooring bookings start and finish?

Moorings are reserved on a nightly basis - a booking starts at mid day on the first date you select and ends at 10am the day after the last date you select.

What happens if there is a boat on to my mooring/merth when I arrive?

If you encounter a boat attached to your designated mooring or berth upon arrival, please contact our customer support. We will assist you in resolving the situation and do everything we can do to ensure you can access the mooring or berth you booked.

Can I book long term?

Yes. You can choose the duration of your stay based on your needs and the availability of the mooring or berth. Longer-term bookings often come with discounted rates and can provide a more convenient option for extended stays.

Can I cancel a booking?

Yes. You can cancel a booking any time up tp 48 hours prior to the date of arrival and receive a full refund of the price less the 2.7% payment provider fee. Cancellations within 48 hours of the date of arrival will not be eligible for a refund.

What happens If the weather turns bad?

If you need to cancel your booking due to bad weather, you will receive a full refund, less the 2.7% payment provider fee, if you cancel more than 48 hours before your arrival date. We are unable to provide a refund for cancellations within 48 hours of arrival. We recommend keeping an eye on the weather forecast leading up to your reservation. If you are already on a mooring or berth and the weather turns bad, you can extend your stay as long as it is available. If it isn't, you can use our interactive map to find the next closest available mooring or berth.

Who do I need to notify about my stay when I'm on the mooring?

Once a booking is confirmed Mooringbnb will notify the Harbour Master and mooring owner about your stay with all the required information. You don't need to notify anyone.

Do you have a map of moorings in NZ?

Yes. Mooringbnb provides a comprehensive map of moorings available in New Zealand. Our interactive map displays the locations, details, and availability of various moorings all over the country, helping you to find a mooring anywhere you want to go.