Rent Out Your Mooring or Berth - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Have Mooring Insurance?

No. Boat owners are required to have insurance when booking a mooring or berth through Mooringbnb, so they're already covered before they arrive at your mooring.

How Do I Price My Mooring or Berth?

You are free to set any price you like. Pricing your mooring or berth can depend on various factors such as location, amenities, demand and market rates. We recommend researching similar moorings or berths in your area and consider any unique features or advantages of your spot.

Can I Rent Out a Berth, and What Information Do You Need?

Yes, you can rent out a berth. To list a berth, you will need information such as the dimensions of the berth, any restrictions that apply (e.g. maximum boat size), the availability, pricing, location and any specific requirements or amenities associated with using the berth.

What Information Do I Need to List My Mooring?

When listing your mooring, you will need to provide a COI (Certificate Of Inspection), with details such as depth at low tide, availability, location, pricing and any additional amenities or services you offer.

What Happens After My Mooring Is Listed?

When you submit your mooring or berth, it will appear on the Mooringbnb website within a few days. Boaties can see and book your spot from wherever they are. We collect all necessary details about the boat making the reservation. The boat's information, along with contact details, are forwarded to the local harbourmaster for record-keeping and compliance requirements. As the owner of the mooring, you will receive an email with the boat's details, so you know exactly who’s using your spot and how long they're using it for.

How Do I Get Paid for Mooring/Berth Bookings?

Owners receive payment on the 20th of the month following the completion of the stay via bank transfer.

How Much Does It Cost to List My Berth/Mooring on Your Site?

There is no sign-up fee to use Mooringbnb. As an owner, you have the freedom to set your own daily or monthly rates, and can even specify a peak seasonal rate if you wish. For renters, a 15% service fee and a 2.9% card processing charge will be added to the owner's listed rate, so you receive the amount you set for the mooring or berth.

How Is My Mooring or Berth Advertised?

Your mooring or berth is visible on the Mooringbnb website, where boat owners can browse listings, view details and make bookings. It can also be advertised on Facebook, Instagram at various clubs and in emails. The point is, we take care of that so you don't have to.

Can I Advertise My Mooring or Berth Elsewhere?

Yes. You are free to advertise your mooring or berth wherever you like. Just make sure you update your availability on each platform to avoid double bookings.

How Do I Manage My Calendar Availability?

By default, your mooring or berth is set as 'available for bookings' once it's listed on Mooringbnb. This allows boaties to book your spot immediately unless you indicate otherwise. If you prefer, you can easily switch your settings to make the mooring or berth unavailable by default. In this mode, your spot will be off-limits for bookings until you manually select the dates you wish to make it available. This offers you the flexibility to control your listing according to your needs, ensuring you never double-book or miss out on potential income.