Mautawhi Bay Mooring for Rent

Northland, Russell
Mooring details
4000kg block
14m max length
2.4m low tide

Mooring is just inside the entry to Matauwhi Bay, before the depth shelves to below 2m at low tide. It has an orange float with a swivel and bridle at the top. The pickup buoy is attached to one leg of the bridle, and that leg is attached to the second by a pennant with a stainless clip. Secure the boat with the eye splice on the first leg, then unclip the second and lead it around the bow and secure the second leg. When leaving, reverse the process. Do NOT just drop the second leg without clipping it to the first, or the mooring lines will tangle and become difficult to access. It is a short dinghy ride from the mooring to the landing at the Russell Boating Club (see photos). The Club has a restaurant and bar. From the dinghy dock, it is a 5-10 minute stroll to Russell town and all of its historic sites and local charm. Russell has groceries, laundry, a museum, and restaurants galore. Fuel and water are available at the Russell Wharf. From the Russell Wharf, there is a foot ferry to Paihia, where there are more shops and tourist attractions, including the Waitangi Treaty grounds.

Availability Options

This mooring is available for short-term rental.
This mooring is available for long-term rental at $532 per month, minimum stay of three months. Contact us directly to make a long term booking.
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