Camp Bay Mooring for Rent

Marlborough Sounds, Endeavour Inlet
Mooring details
1000kg block
8.5m max length
12.5m low tide

Discover a tranquil mooring spot in Camp Bay, situated in the picturesque Endeavour Inlet. This sheltered location offers excellent protection from South to NW winds. A short dinghy ride to the shore provides available tender parking. From there, a well-kept trail links the heart of the bay to Kenepuru Saddle road, a mere 30-minute stroll away. Nearby, you'll find Punga Cove Resort, also located in Camp Bay on the western side of Endeavour Inlet, enjoy a meal and cold drink. Additionally, a DOC campsite is located along the shoreline of Camp Bay, providing access to essential amenities like toilets, water, and camping facilities.

Availability Options

This mooring is available for short-term rental.


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