Blind Bay Mooring for Rent

Auckland, Great Barrier Island
Mooring details
1800kg block
11.2m max length
4m low tide

Anchoring, fishing and spearfishing is prohibited in Tryphena Harbour, Blind bay and Whangaparapara Harbour due to an invasive weed. Mooring is only allowed, otherwise you must go up to Port Fitzroy in order to anchor or use a mooring. This mooring does get weather from Colville Channel (SE and SW) but is sheltered from WSW through ESE protecting from Great Barriers worst weather making for a great option to see out the bad weather or to tie up and fly out, to return at a time the weather has changed. The close by wharf and boat ramp at Blind Bay (150M) has road access and can be used for loading and unloading with tender access to Blind beach or Okupu nearby. This mooring is available for long term rental please contact us to find out more information.

Availability Options

This mooring is available for short-term rental.


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